Ernest Khalimov: A Glimpse into the Life of the Russian Fitness Model

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Ernest Khalimov

The famous Russian bodybuilder, model, and fitness trainer is Ernest Khalimov. He is better known as “GigaChad.” He is second on the list. It was in Moscow that Khaalimov was born on March 1, 1969 and he rose to fame because of his big arms and body modelling. Khalimov is still alive and active. But, many rumours speculate about his retirement. He is 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 98 kg. His huge size and muscles have helped Khalimov stand out online. They are his formidable features. This has given merit to his social media following. At this present moment, Khalimov is in a relationship with Krista Sudmalis. He still remains a role model for many fitness and modelling. The sources of his money make him a millionaire without any doubt.

Ernest Khalimov Biography

Sirtugan Khalimov is a serious fitness model and internet celebrity. He was born on March 1, 1969, in the USSR city Moscow, now called the Russian Federation. Fame came to him through the Sleek N Tears project’s adventure. This is why he had to become a model. It would make him so popular and important.

Physical Appearance Of Ernest Khalimov

Physical Appearance OF Ernest Khalimov

He is 6 feet 8 inches tall (i.e, 203 cm). He weighs about 98 kg (or 216 lbs). One cannot ignore his body. He has gained popularity for his well-muscled abs, toned arms, and legs. He always shows them off in his shoots.

His Early Life

Ernest Kharlamov Widely famous as the symbol of GigaChad. he achieved his diploma in Moscow His early life is a mystery because of his hidden personality and a lack of information regarding his personal past. So we don’t find  about her early life details


According to our research, Ernest khalimov is a graduate person , but his educational details like the school he attended in  his childhood, the university he went to during his learning phase are not disclosed yet.

Interest in fitness

Ernest Kharlamov developed an interest in fitness, fitness model, health and bodybuilding at a very young age. He has a strong interest in maintaining his body for long term duration. so he started working on his physical fitness at the beginning of teenage age or IN HIS CHILDHOOD.

Ernest Khalimov Career

Ernest Khalimov Career
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Ernest earned his achievements through fighting. Then, he got one challenge after another. At first, some accused TikTok model Khalimov of playing another character. They called the character GigaChad. But, many obstacles stood in his way. He continued to succeed despite them. He did this by posing for many fitness shoots and menswear catalogs. These were both in Russia and abroad. Besides, the only show he gave was about his taste for fitness and bodybuilding. He became more popular than them. Many people followed him on @berlin.1969 social media. Khalimov’s triumphs are a proof of his inner strength. They can polarize even in struggles. They also motivate those defeated by their own challenges.

Relationship Status Of Ernest Khalimov

 Ernest Khalimov Relationship

According to research we know a very small part about his relationship, due to his private nature. we only get the the lack detailed  information which extends to his romantic life which he manage to keep it private from public and ,media

Ernest Khalimov, a well-known personality in history-tuning, is collaborating with Krista Sudmalis. Only a few photos on his Instagram and Facebook pages prove that they were indeed in love. Khalimov keeps his personal life private. The details of it are obscure. This is despite his public stature. Khalimov is in awe of Krista’s role in his life. He often calls her the angel that brought him light and removed the darkness. Its relationship is key to his success. It is one of the elements added to the list. His fans can recognize that he is not only a true warrior but also a reasonable human.

Krista Sudmali Net Worth

Krista Sudmali Net Worth

Ernest net worth could reach $1 million assets. From his model, trainer, as well as entrepreneurial career, very much he has earned most of his respect. One of the biggest factors that increased his net worth is being a model and doing social media. Despite struggling at the startup’s start, Khalimov’s perseverance paid off. Now, he is living a good life.

Social Media Presence

Instagram, it all started with the account @berlin.1969 made in March 2019. He has over a million followers. He uploads updates on his life, fitness, and modeling to them.

Fake News About Ernest Khalimov Death

Ernest Khalimov Death

An elaborate fake news was published on social media in April 2021. It said that Ernest Khalimov, also famous for his nickname Giga Chad, died in a car crash. The hoax generated quite some clamour from the fans and the faithful. Khalimov’s status was clear. The climber took to his Instagram account to thank everyone for the huge support and say he was ok. The made-up accounts showed the threats of misinformation for social sites. They emphasized the importance of checking published material. The hoax spread. But, Khaalima continued to be active on social media. He shared information about his life and career often.

Recent News and Controversies

The rumor mill was abuzz with news of his death in an auto accident. But, the video on Instagram clears the air. In it, he explains in great detail that it is not he who died. Only his car got damaged, not him. GigaChad is the cyber-profile of Khalimov. Controversies have surrounded it. Many have suggested that it is a fake persona. Now, but, Khalimov has highlighted that this is actually a part of him.


I want to say that Ernest Khalimov has had many successes. He has succeeded in bodybuilding, modeling, and fitness in Russia. The criticism and difficulties did not stop him. He stayed committed to directing. And, he has gained fame and a strong fan base. His romance with Krista Sudmalis puts a face on his esthetic of the public persona. It shows a less guarded side of him as a human. Khalimova has her own mini-fortune of nearly $1 million. She is an example for many women in modeling or fitness. She shows determination and a passion to achieve high aims.

Faq’s About Ernest Khalimov

Q1. Who is Ernest Khalimov? 

Ans. Ernest Khalimov is a famous Russian jock, model, and wellness coach. His great body and modeling career have made him known. 

Q2. What is Ernest Khalimov’s moniker? 

Ans. Ernest Khalimov is otherwise called GigaChad among his fans and devotees. 3. Who is Ernest Khalimov right now dating? Ernest Khalimov is now with Krista Sudmalis. They appear together on the web, demonstrating this. 

Q4. What is Ernest Khalimov’s total assets? 

Ans. At this point, we assess Ernest Khalimov’s total assets at about $1 million. He earned it through his modeling and creative work. 

Q5. Where is Ernest Khalimov from? 

Ans. Ernest Khalimov was born in Moscow, Russia. Since then, he has become famous globally. This is because of his modelling and fitness efforts.

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