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It is a multipurpose website. It is dominated by the education sector. There, it is most commonly used to make comics, storyboards, and avatars. It has an user-friendly interface. Piixton has many options to customize the avatar. It also has a huge library of backgrounds and items. These features make the storytelling module outstanding. But, one can argue that the games have features like group work. They also easily integrate with other subjects. That’s why it adds to education. It’s exciting and imaginative.

What is Pixton?

It is a web app for building comics and avatars. Piixton is mainly for use in education. It helps make comics and avatars. Most users are teachers and students. They can easily use them to tell stories or teach a subject. It’s a fast and flexible way to do digital storytelling and learning. You can use it from any device with a web browser.

How Pixton Works?

Moreover, users can sign up through their Google or Hotmail account. Alternatively, they can obtain a unique sign-in code from their teachers. Once logged in, they will be directed to an avatar creation page. There, they can make several customizations, including hair type and color, body shape, gender, and facial features, among others. Furthermore, With this tool, users can create a comic book story by selecting avatars and even animate them within the interface.

Pixton Comics

Additionally, it is an online tool. It is for making comics, storyboards, and novels. It’s mainly used in education. Especially by teachers and students. They use it for creative storytelling.

How to create with Pixton

pixton comics
  • Customized avatars:  Users can make avatars. They have many options to personalize them and create unique characters.
  • Create comic strips:  Create fun and interactive stories using the drag-and-drop comic maker.
  • Get access to a huge library: Select background, clothing, pose, and much more to be included in your comic.

Pixton App

  • It can be easily accessed from any browser and across a phone, tablet, and computer.
  • It is widely used to create comics and storyboards for both students and teachers.
  • Everything in this content library is customizable. It is useful in any subject. It can explain a science concept, tell a short story, or summarize a book.

Login and Sign Up

pixton login

First go to it’s official site.

  • Sign up as an educator. 
  • Create your classroom to start using the superpower of comics.

The following may enroll you in a class:

If your instructor gave you a username, click the login link

  • Put in your username
  • Create your avatar
  • Start on your comics.

Google Sign-In: 

  • Access the class
  • Sign in with your Google account by clicking “Sign In with Google.”.

Pixton Class Codes

Pixton Class Codes

Subsequently, teachers give their students the class code. The students then enter it.

Here’s a guide on how to do it with a class code:

  • Open it’s official app or website and click on “For Students”.
  • Select “In Class
  • Click “Sign Up” and enter your code given by your teacher.
  • Proceed by signing in with your Google Account and password 6.

What are the best Pixton features?

  • A huge library of preset characters, backgrounds, outfits, poses, and emotions is readily available with just a click or tap away.
  • Creating virtual class pictures, in lieu of traditional class pictures.
  • An intuitive interface is self-explanatory and recommended for learners who are twelve years old and older but is also very user-friendly for younger students.

It’s Pricing cost?

is pixton free

It has a basic free service to create avatars and also a full service, including building comics, on trial period. There is a tiered plan for educator plans, which are tiered as well: $24.99 per month for Classroom Monthly. These will allow the administering of multiple students and classrooms, applying content filters, and conducting student comic reviews. The service also provides yearly plans that offer a significant discount compared to monthly subscriptions.

Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Set a certain story: This will be done to encourage students to narrate a story on a subject that they are learning for example, historical events and scientific concepts in order to enhance their understanding.
  • Group Collaboration: Futhermore, Permit students to team up with their avatars to create a comic where their avatars are speaking with each other. This will facilitate teamwork on their part and help them express their interests outside the classroom.
  • Encourage creativity: Additionally, use Piixton as a tool for students to express themselves and their ideas, and it can be very empowering for visual learners.


In this frame, It is the tool that is most singled out to learn, through additional fun in the learning process. Allowing Pixton to blend in with any of the subjects further makes it a beneficial tool for teachers who are willing to make their students pay more attention. Features allowing the tool to be used for individual projects or collaborative class activities make Piixton a place where imagination comes to life through digital comics.

FAQ’s About Pixton

Q1. How do I get started with Pixton?

Ans. First, you have to visit the Pixton site to begin working with it.
Sign up or log in. You may sign up with your Google or Hotmail account, or log in with a code that will be given to you by your teacher.
Once you’re logged in, explore everything from avatars to comics in Pixton.

Q2. What will you make today using Pixton?

Ans. Custom avatars: Create personalized characters with the help of a wide range of customizations.
Comic Strips: Make great stories with the intuitive comic builder.
Class pictures  but with a fun digital twist.

Q3. How much does Pixton cost?

Ans. Basic Member: Users can join and make an avatar with available features.
Classroom Monthly Plan: At $24.99 a month, ideal for teachers, you can add as many students and apply content filters, among other things.
Additionally, Annual subscriptions: Discounted over monthly.

Q4. Do you have some tips on how to use Pixton most effectively?

Ans. Set concrete story goals: Students should create comics about whatever they are learning.
Additionally, Allow students to create comics in pairs. Be creative: Free imagination Pixton is a canvas of expression. 

Q5. Where can I turn to for other lines of assistance and support resources?

Ans. Go to the Pixton Help Center for detailed articles and assistance on practically any topic that applies to all Pixton account types code.

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