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Ajayguru. Com

In today’s article, we will tell you near ajayguru.com to free Instagram followers, real or fake. In this column, we will tell you how to increase your followers on Instagram. If you are interested in making followers, you should choose the right website, ajayguru.com. Now, a video has gone viral, which you will find on this website, Ajay guru.com; you have to go to this website and write the username of your real account, and then you have to click on Get followers. After this development, you will get the followers. Below, we will give you the complete information about this website and where you get the followers from starting. Here is everything about ajayguru .com, ajayguru. com free recharge!

Overview of ajayguru. com

Ajayguru. com is a website where you can find many articles to get followers and likes on your Instagram account. In this generation, this is getting hype to get more besides more followers. Apart from this, this website will teach you how to increase your IG followers and likes. 

You should make sure that you do not use a third-party app. You have proper information near that app or website because it will be more unsafe. It may hack your data and personal information or do something wrong with your things, so you have proper data about that.

Are Followers True?

This very significant question comes to mind: will we get real factions, or are they fake? So, all the factions you will get from this website are fake. They only increase your fan following, but they will all fake it. rest of the facts are mentioned below:- 

1. Fake followers:- From this website, you only see a high number of fan followers, but in physical life, this is only to show that all factions are fake. 

2. No engagement:- You cannot occupy with these followers, for they are fake, so they will neither like nor comment on your post. They give only circulation to your account. You can not communicate with them; they are not in real life. 

Such sites are risky. Instagram’s policy says people should not gain fake followers from them. If Instagram got to know, then your Instagram account may be closed. 

How to get followers faster in organic way

ajayguru. com login

Now, we will tell you some innovative and correct ways to get real followers so the habits are listed below:- 

1) You need high-quality content: First, you must do work for your profile. It’s not enough to just post good content. It must draw people to your profile. Then, you will get real followers. 

2) Post continuously: if you want original followers, then post at least every day. Your followers want to bloc with you. They want to see your daily life and your routine.

3) Regularly updated status:– As we said above, your followers hunger to know your routine, so you must keep informed. If you do not post, then update the story/status.

4) Use Hashtags: If you cite a hashtag to your niche it w, it will surely help you to gain cliques. If you upload or update technology related to something, use hashtags in your post. 

5) Update reels:– People want entertainment. If you add reels to your daily dull, it entertains people and helps you gain followers. 

Some Features of ajayguru. com

The foundation of biological growth begins with an improved Instagram profile. A clear profile picture is key. So is a short, compelling bio. And a link to your website or other platforms. These things help make a good first impression. Make sure your profile reflects your brand or identity. This will make it easy for potential followers to see and like your content and inspirations at a glance.

Responding to Comments

Reply to comments on your posts. This shows thanks for engagement. It fosters conversation. Ask questions in your subtitles and reply to comments with real interest. Encourage dialogue to create a sense of public around your content.

Direct Message Initiatives

Initiate conversations with your factions through direct messages. Ask for their sentiments, seek feedback on your content, or express thankfulness for their support. Personalized interactions create a strong connection. They make followers feel valued and join your journey.

Hosting Interactive Features

Use interactive topographies. These include polls, quizzes, and question signs. Add them to your Stories to encourage participation. These features offer insights into your audience’s likes. They boost engagement, as followers enjoy adding to your content.

How to get ajayguru. com free recharge?

To get free recharge from Ajayguru.com, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Ajayguru.com and create an account or log in if you already have one.
  2. Navigate to the “Free Recharge” section.
  3. Complete the available tasks, which may include downloading apps, participating in surveys, or watching ads.
  4. Accumulate points or credits by completing these tasks.
  5. Once you have enough points, redeem them for a free recharge on your mobile number.
  6. Follow any additional instructions provided to finalize the recharge process.

Ajayguru. com Instagram Password Check

This is an article available on the platform named with instagram password checking process in a mobile. Through this interactive guide you will be able to capture the details regarding instagram, its essence of checking regular password and more.


Ajayguru. com website may help you gain followers. But, it’s unclear if they are real. They promise to give followers, but no assurance they are real. The followers are fake and only boost traffic on your profile. Also, we will tell you about how to gain real/original followers. 


The information in this article is for educational purposes only. Using services like ajayguru.com to gain fake followers may violate Instagram’s terms and result in account suspension. Exercise caution with third-party websites and opt for legitimate methods to grow your social media following. The author is not responsible for any consequences arising from the use of such services.

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