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Brianna Lapaglia

Brianna lapaglia also known as Brianna Chickenfree is an American content creator. She is a Youtuber, Instagram model, and social media star. Here, we are going to discuss about her life including education, career, and more.

Who is Brianna?

Brianna is quite popular for her ‘brianna chicken fry’ TikTok account. She gained millions of followers and likes by this profile. Brianna Lapaglia posts things like lip-syncs and jokes on TikTok. she is also a active on Instagram and Twitter and has her own Youtube channel. Brianna hosts the popular podcasts PlanBri Uncut and BFFs on Barstool Sports. The upcoming reality competition project designed and planned by Briana. We have now discussed a great deal of her life. so if you want to find out more, scroll down to the next details:

Early life and education

She was born on June 17, 1999 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. she was 25 year as per 2024. It took two to three years. But it wasn’t until early Earl Baldwin at Bewdley Wallace University in Ohio that she found his feet. There she refused to accept the position of public health commissioner. She also showed her skills by joining the women’s swim team.

Career Rised From Social Media

In March 2019, Briana started on TikTok under the handle “Briana ChickenFree She gained thousands of followers through lip service and comedy movies. They were full of charm which impressed the fans. His influence has increased. Brianna has gone from an unimportant social media user to a budding influencer. She captures her audience with funny takes on experiences in life. She covers things like how to talk to friends and the pain of party hangovers.

Her videos caught Barstool Sports’ attention. They are a big player in virtual media. She rose to the top of YouTube fame. Recognizing talent and potential in her, they supplied Brianna a Barstool Sports Full-time internship. 

Since July 2020, Brianna has started a new undertaking. She hosts her podcast. “PlanBri Uncut” is an uncensored world. In it, she talks about everything under the sun. She has also spread that impact through her podcast. She has done some extra work with other podcasts, including “Because We Got High” and “BFFS.”

Her Fans On Social Media

Personal Information

TikTok944K followers
YouTube37.1K  subscribers
Instagram944K followers

Merchandise and Brand Collaborations

Brianna Lapaglia

With this high reputation, Brianna has now moved on to international merch. She worked with the media organization Barstool Sports. They created her logo for add-ons and apparel. Her merchandise is so in demand, like the figure, which is her, because it proves her power and popularity in the area.

Barstool Sports: Brianna continues to expand her brand

Besides her podcasting duties, Brianna writes for Barstool Sports. She get a raised from tiktok but before starting tikok she was in barstool sport . She has contributed to three podcasts, PlanBri Uncut, BFFs, and Because We Got High. In adiition , Brianna has a merchandise collection with the company. Despite all of her success, Brianna has maintained her humility and relationship with her fans.

On the podcast she co-hosts with Grace, Brianna opens up a lot about her personal life despite the fact that her brand is all about having fun. They discuss relationships, mental health issues, and the realities of influencers on the show.

Though their brand is centered around what most would consider to be surface-level content, I think their authenticity helps them connect with their audience on a much deeper level than most influencers do.

Now that Brianna has established her brand so expertly, the only thing left to do is grow it.

Popularity and Controversies

Like others in public, Brianna Lapaglia has faced love and hate. The exciting content she shared gave her millions of fans on social media. But, she has also been a victim to several controversies. The worst incidents were in April 2021. Her feedback at the tragedies hit her hard. They seemed “local” to her and caused backlash against her. At times, Brianna has faced a backlash. It’s often due to controversies, including ones from her remarks on a local tragedy. In April 2021, her comments caused controversy. Some called for her resignation from Barstool Sports. This shows the tightrope all public figures must walk. They do so in the 21st century under public scrutiny. They required her to resign from Barstool Sports. Resilient, she maintains on, and navigates the intricacies of repute.

Brianna lapaglia Personal Life and Relationships:

Brianna lapaglia Relationships

Brianna began dating the former basketball player Nik Pelligrino in 2018. Despite the fact that they were friends before dating. But the relationship wouldn’t work long and ended in a few months. Through her podcast, Brianna acknowledged their breakup and disclosed that they made unsuccessful attempts to patch up but did not succeed. Brianna has been enjoying her single life and hasn’t been in any romantic relationships since then.

Legacy and Future Endeavors

Brianna Lapaglia impact has a ripple effect. It’s like a developing wave. Her impact at the virtual landscape continues. Her legacy outlasts even the biggest viral films and social media celebrities. What she’s left is empowerment, authenticity, and resilience. Whether it’s a new undertaking or opportunity, Brianna guards these values. Brianna Lapaglia also encourages, motivates, and entertains them in her life. She influences through voice and writing. She does much more. Brianna hosts podcasts, blogs, and reaches fans on social media. Brianna’s influence will last for years. She works in the ever-changing virtual media world.

Brianna Lapaglia Net worth

According to our rsearch, It is estimated that Brianna has a net  worth of $19.16 million. Product development, social media platforms, modeling, advertising, brand promotions, and commercial services are some of her primary revenue streams. Her revenue is likely to rise over time due to the dynamic nature of her firm.


Brianna LaPaglia sticks out like a sore thumb in the changing world of social media. She does this by being proper and funny. She was a small-city girl on TikTok. Then, she rose with Barstool Sports. She’s been able to do that.

She keeps paving her road in the virtual sphere. Brianna shows how being real and embracing the journey can be learned—one post at a time.

FAQs About Brianna Lapaglia

Q1. How did Brianna LaPaglia first gain a reputation on social media?

Ans. Brianna rose to fame on TikTok. She published funny, relatable content. It was in the form of lip-syncing videos and other humor. She used the funny films to get attention. They helped her gain a big following.

Q2. What is the Brianna Chickenfry age in 2024?

Ans. Born on June 17, 1999, Brianna Chickenfry is 24 Years old as of 2024.

Q3. How does Brianna use her platform to impact high-quality alternatives?

Ans. Brianna uses her platform to address social troubles and to give attention to her causes. Most , she brings pleasure and laughter with her content. Brianna Lapaglia interacts well with her fans. She has created ways to talk with them. She has also created ways to promote realness and power for teens. 

Q4. What are Brianna LaPaglia’s future endeavors and aspirations? 

Ans. Brianna continues to host her podcasts- Barstool Sports, write her blogs, and grow her social media. She is always seeking something new. This is to stay true to her core. It is to motivate others to use the given platform and leave a legacy in the company.

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