Jason Kelce Super Bowl: Know About Net Worth and Much More

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Jason Kelce Super Bowl

Jason Kelce Super Bowl LII introduction was a moment of pure theatrical brilliance. He wore a vibrant Mummers costume. He emerged as a symbol of Philadelphia’s spirit. It is unique and determined. With each step, Kelce exuded confidence and charisma. He set the stage for the exciting speech that would follow. His huge presence and infectious energy instantly captivated the crowd. They hinted at the unforgettable celebration to come. In this post, we are going to discuss his life.

Jason Kelce Bio

Kelce played centre for the Eagles for 13 seasons. The Eagles retiree was born Nov. 5, 1987, then is 36 years old. He stood a sixth-round draft pick for the team in 2011. He amuses you in 193 games throughout his NFL career. His newer brother is Travis Kelce. He is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Travis has shot into global fame in recent months. This happened after he started a relationship with Taylor Swift.

Jason’s Education

Kelce was raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. He progressed from Cleveland Heights High School in Cuyahoga County.

Where did Jason Kelce go to college?

Kelce amuse yourself for the University of Cincinnati Bearcats in college. He is starting his college career as a walk-on linebacker. Earlier, he switched to the offensive line.

“There are too many people to thank,” Kelce said at Monday’s press meeting. He was talking about his time in Cincinnati. All my co-players were friends. The academy support staff was too. All of you made my time there something I wouldn’t trade for the world. Some of the record pleasurable years of my life.“

Where does Jason Kelce live?

Kelce has possessions in Haverford, Pennsylvania, a suburb 30 minutes outdoors of Philadelphia.

Jason Kelce Super Bowl wins

jason kelce super bowl rings

Jason Kelce Super Bowl, Kelce won the Super Bowl with the Eagles in 2017. They beat the New England Patriots 41-33.

Philadelphia then made it to the Super Bowl again in 2022. They faced the Chiefs and Travis Kelce, the brother of Jason Kelce.

Travis and Jason stood as the first brothers to square off in a Super Bowl. Their teams battled for the NFL championship. Travis besides the Chiefs ultimately won the game finished Jason’s Eagles 38-35.

Jason’s Relationship with his Wife

Jason Kelce and his wife, Kylie Kelce. they both are married couple and live happily with their small family. Tinder is a dating app where they both meet and At Monday’s journalist’s conference, he talked about the minute he first met McDevitt  after that they both started dating  After 2 years they both married to each other in Philadelphia in April 2018. After they become parents. They have three daughters- Wyatt Elizabeth, Elliotte Ray and Bennett Llewellyn who was born shortly after the 2023 Super Bowl, also known as the “Kelce Bowl.” 

After 13 seasons in the NFL, Jason announced his retirement in March 2024. During his retirement address, he cried as he recalled the first time he met Kylie, stating, “I still remember the moment she stepped through the door. The first occurrence is etched into my retina. It seemed as if she slid into the doorway with an aura surrounding her.”

Kelce married Kylie McDevitt in 2018. She used to play ground hockey for Cabrini University in Radnor, Pennsylvania. At Monday’s journalist’s conference, he talked about the minute he first met McDevitt. He also recalled the key times in his 13-season career.

Jason Kelce’s net worth

While not established, Marca reports Kelce’s net worth is valued at $40 million. He has made over an estimated $81 million in the NFL, giving to Spotrac.

Jason Kelce’s retirement speech video

NBC Sports Philadelphia flooded Kelce’s press conference live on Monday. You can wristwatch it below.

Where are the Kelce brothers from?

Jason and Travis grew up in Ohio, although Jason, the older brother, was truly born in North Carolina. Jason is 35, then Travis is 33. They were both athletes at Cleveland Heights High School. Jason was both running back and linebacker with the football team. Travis played basketball and soccer in addition to football. They then both went to the University of Cincinnati. Travis went on a scholarship and also played for the Bearcats.

Jason was nominated by the Eagles in the 2011 NFL Draft, and Travis was picked up by the Chiefs two centuries later. Tonight will be their first championship game playing in contradiction of each other.

Do Jason and Travis Kelce have Super Bowl rings?

The brothers have Super Bowl wins. Jason Kelce Super Bowl, He won with the Eagles in 2017. Travis won with the Chiefs in 2019 and 2023. Jason is also a six-time Pro Bowler, although Travis has played in the Pro Bowl eight times.

The Kelces made NFL history in 2023. They faced the Eagles and Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII, which fans dubbed the “Kelce Bowl.” It was the first time that brothers had played against each other in the Bowl’s 57-year history.

They’re not always rivals

Travis and Jason will be on opposite sides of the field tonight. But, they also enjoy working together. They co-host a podcast called New Heights. On it, they talk about football and analyze big League changes as they happen. They also discuss Travis’ new romance with Taylor Swift, which has the whole world seeing. New Heights is named after Cleveland Heights in Ohio, where they grew up.


Jason Kelce Super Bowl electrifying performance during Super Bowl LII was nothing short of legendary. Kelce was the center for the Philadelphia Eagles. He gave a passionate speech at the victory parade. It celebrated the team’s historic win against the New England Patriots. Kelce wore a flamboyant Mummers costume. His impassioned words resonated with fans worldwide. They embodied the spirit of perseverance and unity. This spirit defined the Eagles’ journey to victory. With his raw emotion and unbridled enthusiasm, Kelce became an instant icon. He inspired not only his teammates but a whole city to believe in the power of resilience and teamwork. His fiery speech will be etched in football history forever. It will stand as a testament to the unbeatable spirit of champions.

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